Authority Content Creation Method  

Welcome back this is video three, we are going through the Ecom business builder system that I have created over the last couple of years, and feel free to take this and do what you want with it. This is my little gift for you over the last couple of years, because I know you have been on my list for a long time. And some of you are not going to be able to hire me or join the Ecom pilot program that I have for next year, that's okay, everyone starts somewhere right.

So for the right kind of person that is going to be fine, for you if you are not in a position to be able to invest fully and you need to start building your blocks out then this is going to work just sweet for you. And whatever you need let me know and I will do my best to deliver for you and give you something that is really effective, not just a whole bunch of information that just overloads you and you get nowhere. That brings me back to another point mindset, attitude in the planning stage in the very first stage, we need to cover that and make sure that you really do know why you're doing this, it's really really important.

So building authority through understanding your target, your ICP, your ideal customer profile. What is their problem and what is the solution. It's critical that we understand that because if we don't know that we don't know how they talk or how they feel, they are human beings. And if we don't target that you don't build rapport, you don't build engagement. If you are just running Facebook ads to a product page that is rubbish, how can you possibly expect to get a good conversion rate. It's just not going to happen. And then if you don't have a congruent to landing page to product page it's even worse, and using the wrong language and the wrong images. I have seen some shocking examples of newbies marketing, I know you have to start somewhere I understand that, but don't just make it complete rubbish, and there is plenty things that we can do to help there by the way.

So the target is absolutely critical, and then you have got to think about those topics where the problem is and talk about it. And there is a lot of different ways of doing that, whether it's slide decks, PowerPoint’s, press releases, even simple videos like this and just talking about problems and you can just record it through your phone. So that is the fourth and the fifth side where we are talking the actual topic, you have got to do the research first, you have got to create the content. And the way I do it is I just speak it out and recorded and get it transcribed, and then I get it edited, proofread, and put into different forms or modalities of learning.

So the transfer part at the end here is all about how you repurpose the content. So you can take that audio and turn it into a transcription, then take the transcription and turn it into an article, a blog post, add images to it and optimise it. Take the main points of that and create slides, create a video out of those slides, send the slides to slide share and then you just syndicate across the web and pointing it back to the pages you want to point back to.

This system here if you do this consistently over the course of three or four months, even just a few weeks you will start to see some amazing results come back from that. And it is fun too, if you enjoy your niche this is easy, and I will show you how to make that super easy.

So that is the second stage, that is the authority content creation method. We are now going to go onto the traffic triangle flood method which is my favourite bit because that is where you roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty. I do have a more in-depth series of videos that you can go and watch, and I will give you the link to that, and the email, and on YouTube so you can go and see those if you want to.

Next is the third stage of the Ecom business builder system and in that we will talk all about the traffic side of things and what you need to do there. Okay, see you soon.

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