eCom Build Phase

This is video 1 of probably 12 or 13 videos. I am going to give you this in an email or you can download it and it's basically what I've learnt over the last more than three or four years in Ecom. But I just want to sort of give you a brief overview of this first, if you can’t see it get the PDF out and have a look at it. So this is really the authority builder, Ecom authority builder. So there are three main levels, there is one two and three as you see down the list. So the first level is building, the second level is authority, and the third level is promote. And you're building the foundation, you're creating authority to syndicate, so syndication, and then you're promoting to accelerate the business and scale it out. So that's a sort of brief overview.

Now within the first level of build you've got; plan, products, platform. In the second level you've got; target, topic, transfer. And the third level you've got; organic, paid, retargeting. And each of these stages or levels are basically different systems within the system, and then there's different systems within each of those as well as you can see inside the box. And that's only just summarising it, it's not the complete deal, there is a lot more to it in each of these stages. And I have systemised all of that out and I'm just refining it, refining it and refining it. And I believe that is what you have got to do if you want to really get this business pumping.

The first level is the Ecom Foundation Builder. So the building phase is absolutely critical, this is where you plan and you research and you are learning everything about your niche, you have got to specialise in a niche. For what we are doing building brands and self-funding your private label business I wouldn't do lots of different categories, lots of different niches. You want to sub-niche down, you want to pick a segment of that niche and really go for it, like totally overwhelmed them with value and over deliver.

So if you look at the PDF the first one is plan; you have got to work out your business models, your research, your platforms, what platform are you going to use, what business model are you going to use and all that sort of stuff. It is a big part of what I do to start out with is plan.

We then want to create a blueprint and we got into a lot of detail in the blueprint. And we have specific data that will show you your return on investment and how long it is going to take from an organic perspective and what you should focus on from a PPC perspective. So the blueprint is critically important and you get a lot of detail and a lot of data to give you confidence to move forward.

Products, you are probably just thinking physical products right now, that's the backend, the frontend are things that build engagement, build authority and connection with your ideal customer profile. Forget avatar and ICP, ideal customer profile. You not selling to purple people with pointy ears, they are real people. So the more we focus on the real person the better. So it's digital, it's physical, it's done for you, it's done yourself products. So affiliate programs come into play as well. These are all just parts of the strategy, they are not your business, they are just part of the puzzle. And what this whole process is supposed to do is bring all the pieces of the puzzle and glue them together and have it like a symphony orchestra, all playing in harmony.

The third part is the platform, are you going to sell on Amazon, just Amazon, are you going to Shopify, big commerce, Magento, Volusion, there are a lot of things to consider. I myself don't use any of those for building a long-term brand, and there is a lot of reasons why, and I can go into more detail some other time. But what we are really looking for when we are building out this is control, we want to have full control over what we are doing. We want to be able to customise and optimise speed, we want it to sing and dance to our tune so that we attract the right people for us. I really hope that makes sense because it is so so important.

In the next video I am going to go on to the second level and talk about the authority and the syndication and the system that we use there. This is the authority content creation method that I have created over the last couple of years, it works like a treat. A lot of you are probably scared of doing content, but it is critical, if you don't do content you cannot engage with somebody and attract people and be an authority, so you must do it. It's as simple as that. So next video we will talk about that, and then push on through to the third level after that.

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