Traffic Triangle Flood System

We are at stage 3 and this is like the overview or helicopter view of an Ecom business. So we have been through the build phase, you are building the foundation, so it's a plan products platform. Then we talked about how you are going to build your authority for your content, creating content, engaging content, you have got to really know who you are talking to, what their problem is and give them a solution, be useful. There is a great book by Jay Baer call utility, go get it it's fantastic, i highly recommend it.

We are talking about the traffic triangle flood system, and this is where you're promoting to accelerate the business. So you have got three main parts of your traffic initially, this is not all of them. So you have got organic, paid and retargeting. Retargeting is going to be the cheapest traffic and it is what is going to make you wealthy. Organic and paid is what's going to get the momentum happening, the machine moving.

So what I have got here in number seven WRS means Web Ring System. This is where you're building out the layers of your web network, you are building themes, high topic specificity is something that you have probably never heard of before, but you are being very relevant to your ideal customer that you have worked out in the second level. So now what you are doing is you are building all the foundations of your content. You are doing all the SEO requirements, but not just SEO, it's the navigation side of things, it's the information and transactional side of things, so the technical foundations as well. It's very complex and I've spent the best part of the past 12 months getting my head around it. And even when I go to these experts around e-commerce a lot of them just have no idea and you think they would.

So I am specialising in Ecom, it's what I want to do but I am adding other layers to this as well so that you are mastering your niche and utilising the power of the web to absolutely dominate it, and that is what we want to achieve over the next couple of years so that you have got something that is worth millions to sell on. And you can just repeat, repeat, repeat, that is what the main thing is that I am doing with Ecommpreneur.

So organic, paid and retargeting, the Web Ring System is like a radio station broadcasting out a message and it hits the right people and they come back and have a look at your content, they start to trust you more, believe you more, and then you want to convert them into a sale or an opt-in. There is two things you want to happen, either they opt-in or they buy something, or both. The reason we do this is because there is tons of traffic that you can get organically, most people are too lazy to even try and get it. Everyone wants to do things fast and not build solid foundations. Now what happens if you build a house and you don't put a very solid foundation down, it's going to fall over. As soon as a slightly strong wind comes along it will blow over, and that is what we want to avoid.

The other thing that I want is something that is evergreen and future proof from algorithm changes. We are doing what the search engines want, and we are doing what the ICP the ideal customer profile wants so it is the perfect storm or perfect calm whichever way you want to put it. But you are giving yourself the best chance of attracting the right people at different stages of the sales funnel to do want you want them to do which is become a raving fan in the short to medium term.

So you are probably realising by now that there is a lot more to this than just finding the best seller on Amazon and shoving it up on an Amazon listing or a Shopify listing and using overloader [inaudible 00:04:13] to put 200 products on a crappy looking site. There is a lot more to it than just that. If you get something that is all pre-done and everybody is getting all this pre-done stuff it's not unique, and I can tell you now that if it is not unique on the web you are not going to rank for it and you are missing out on a ton of money potentially. The business is 40% less valuable without it at least. And at the end of the day when you do start ranking it is just going to stay there, it's just going to keep on producing money for you, so why not just do it.

Now with tracking the unique visitors that come into your store you can see from your Google analytics and your webmaster tools what is really going on. So paid traffic, that is obviously PPC, media buying, video and all that kind of stuff. Retargeting is just getting those people back to the store. So retargeting is absolutely critical you can do it through Google, you can do it through Facebook, there is different platforms like perfect audience, AdRoll that can be used as a way of getting people to come back. Because you lose 97% of your traffic, so if you can get another 20% or 30% back of that traffic every month that is exponential growth and it is also very cheap. So it is critical that you understand retargeting. And that is how you build your e-commerce business, that is the overview of it. The next thing I will talk about is the internal process of these three steps I've mentioned in the past videos, and that will cover how to build the foundation and actually implement it.

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